Ethics of stem cell research.

Ethics of stem cell research is causing concern to a number of people.

This is all centred around the use of EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS and this has also spread over into religious concerns.

It is a great shame that an area of science which offers such great future benefits should be caught up in a controversy such as this.

I am not going to get caught up in the rights or wrongs of any of this, but wish to draw your attention to a major area of stem cell research which is now making great progress and should not get itself caught up in any of the above disputes.

I refer to the area of ADULT STEM CELLS.

Whereas all the original attempts to work with these cells went nowhere, great progress is now being made using a different approach.

Trying to put it simply. Using adult stem cells with the usual external test tube methods failed abysmally.

Now however using these adult stem cells whilst they are still in the body is producing some very exciting results.

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The thing that I find most interesting is the work of Scientist Christian Drapeau. MSc, who has discovered a natural aquatic compound which can increase the stem cells produced by your own body by up to 30%, resulting in some amazing recoveries from all sorts of disabilities.

We now know that our stem cells are our body’s own built in repair system and by providing additional stem cells, our body is then more capable of carrying out its own repairs.

This is far better than camouflaging our difficulties with drugs.

The average person believes drugs repair things, whereas all drugs do is, if we are lucky, make us feel better, often with undesirable side effects.

For further information on this adult stem cell discovery Leave Ethics of stem cell research-go to Stem cell miracles

Leave Ethics of stem cell research-go to Stem cell miracles