Embryonic is a word you seldom heard outside medical circles, but it is now commonly heard since this word has become popularised largely due to the amount of money being spent on stem cell research.

This word is now constantly in the media or on TV.

These cute babies are no longer embryos but they sure look great anyway. Even makes me go clucky.

Unfortunately, after hundreds of millions of dollars has been spent on all manner of research, there has not been one single successful outcome for our health from all the expenditure and effort put into embryonic stem cell research.

However it’s not all bad news because great progress is now being made using ADULT stem cells.

For a long time work on adult cells was abandoned because they were trying to use these cells OUTSIDE THE BODY in the usual laboratory equipment but without success.

Now however great progress is being made working with these cells whilst still in the body and we are now experiencing success on a number of illnesses.

Here is an extract from ,“US News and World Report” dated November 25/2009. “We have just recently seen separate research reports of patients with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis benefiting from adult stem cell therapy.”

This is great news, but even better news comes from the work of another scientist working an aquatic botanical which has now been scientifically proven to raise the release of stem cells in your blood stream by up to 30%.

This is a major discovery which has been patented and I suspect there will be attempts to suppress it as its success grows, as it could be a threat to the all powerful drug cartel.

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