Embryonic stem cells.

The author. Eddie Mace, Recent photo, aged 91.

Embryonic stem cells have been attracting attention for some time now, however it is only in more recent times that these cells have been grown under laboratory conditions.

Working with these Embryonic cells has caused a lot of moral and religious questions.

The source of these cells has to come from human embryos and all sorts of arguments have arisen because of this.

The bulk of these concerns have come from religious circles.

However things are now rapidly changing and attention is now shifting over to adult stem cells.

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Many arguments have restricted the development and understanding of stem cell research.

Adult stem cells

Now however, great progress is now being made using ADULT STEM CELLS which do not require the destruction of human embryos.

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Initially these adult stem cells were very hard to grow in laboratory conditions and therefore were initially considered to have little value .
Now however, by working with these ADULT stem cells (which by the way is done in the human body), it's an entirely different ball game.

Great results are now being achieved as more information is being discovered about these adult stem cells.

Embryonic cells.

Working with embryonic stem cells is now reducing as more attention is now being directed to adult stem cells.

Embryonic cells have up to date been a great disappointment as they have not measured up to our high expectations of them.

One of the most important stem cell discoveries in my opinion has been  the development of a natural product which can result in the release of large numbers of the persons own adult stem cells into the blood stream.
When this occurs,the persons own body is capable of repairing itself from all sorts of difficulties such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, diabetes and an amazing list of similar problems.
Personally, although I am now past 91 years of age, I am now fit and well as the result of this discovery with this adult stem cell product.

As well as having had great benefits myself, I know of many others who are amazed with the successes being achieved which some people are calling miracles.

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