Definition of stem cells.

The definition of stem cells is not easy to easy to quantify however I am sure this will help.

These are one of the most important and critical cells in our body.

Understanding the characteristic of these stem cells will probably help.

Basically these have the ability to grow into one of the bodies most important cells as these are master cells.

They have the ability to divide and take the place of cells that die.

Importantly these cells also have the ability to renew and replace damaged tissue thereby enabling the body to actually repair itself.

Bone marrow stem cells are a major source of these cells and they are capable of providing a vital supply of these important cells into our blood stream.

These stem cells play a major part in our longevity and welfare.

They are capable of performing the tremendously important function of carrying out the task of repairing the body and they play a vital part in helping us overcome illness.

It is now believed that this is the body’s built in natural repair system.

There have been several methods of increasing the supply of these cells to help overcome some very difficult health problems but one of the main problems here has been the high costs involved.

However, a brilliant scientist has isolated and created a natural product which has been proven to increase the supply of these stem cells by up to 25%.

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I can see that our dependence on medical drugs will at last be overcome and superseded.