Cord blood cells information.

Cord blood cells are now being found to be of high value, whereas in the past they were considered to be of no value and discarded.

These cells come from the umbilical cord and can offer a perfect match should it ever be necessary in the future for the new born or even members of the immediate family.

Of course the have to be maintained in a deep frozen state where they can kept available for future use if needed.

Cord cells can be used by the mother, her progeny and possibly even the father.

However the more distant the relationship the greater the likelihood there is of the cells being rejected by the immune system of the recipient.

As well as chord cells there are other valuable sources of stem cells particularly bone marrow cells.

The bone marrow is a very rich source of stem cells. These cells are known as adult stem cells and when taken from the patient’s own bone marrow they are never rejected by that persons immune system
See adult stem cells.

These cells although reasonably plentiful have been difficult to extract and require a lot of medical know how and expensive procedures.

It has been reported that these cells are superior to both embryonic and umbilical cord cells for various reasons.

However there has now been another major and very significant development by a research scientist using a biotechnology product which is making news in stem cell circles.

This cell therapy has already achieved some great successes as it has been shown by clinical trials to increase the adult stem cells in circulation in our blood stream by up to 30%.

Like all stem cell discoveries this luckily is not a drug as it involves a natural product and is quite affordable.

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