Cell communication.

Cell communication is essential for us and our stem cells to function and operate as a living entity.

There have been 4 Nobel prizes awarded in physiology or medicine for discoveries in the field of cellular communication in recent times.

These research scientists were acknowledged for their contribution to the knowledge that the body communicates in specific ways between cells.

The effectiveness of our body’s communication apparently depends on the availability of certain ingredients in our diets which our stem cells depend on to effectively communicate with each other.

This makes sense, as passing on information between each other is essential to there and our existence.

They obviously can’t talk, so they must have some effective communication method and according to these scientists it requires certain ingredients in our diet.

When you realize the depreciated value of most of the food we eat, it is no wonder we are running into a tremendous increase in all sorts of illnesses. Sugar diabetes just to name one.

100 hundred years ago diabetes was almost unheard of and was a rare disease, now 1 in 4 people have this condition or are heading for it.

A special term has been developed to specify or nominate these essential ingredients needed for cellular communication, but in the meantime by the use of an aquatic plant derivative( abbreviated AFA ) we can increase the availability and effectiveness of our stem cells.

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