Bone marrow stem cells.

Bone marrow stem cells are often better known as adult stem cells.

We now have some great science news that stem cells are the body’s built in repair tool.

Pardon me if I assume you are of mature age. When you were younger, up until your late teens or early twenties, these were largely red cells and were easily available for your bodies maintenance and repair and they were used to overcome any threats or problems with your health.

If you look in the New England Journal of Medicine, you will find the number one indicator of a healthy heart is the number of stem cells circulating in the body.

These adult cells are critical for maintaining your health.

As we get older unfortunately the bulk of our bone marrow is now composed of yellow cells which are not as readily available to assistance our body's maintenance.

This by the way, this is why our health tends to deteriorate as we get older.

The availability of these red stem cells determines the ability of our body to be able to maintain and care for itself.

If we can improve the release of our stem cells it can have a very beneficial effect on our health. Our health is not just controlled by our DNA alone.

There is a natural product, proven by scientific research to achieve a 25% increase in the release of your stem cells. As a consequence we are now seeing some amazing health improvements.

This product enables our body to carry out its own important repair programs which is far better than feeding it with poisonous drugs.(all drugs are poisonous)

What the body is capable of achieving, when given adequate facilities is truly amazing.

I am seeing things like Psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and all sorts of disabilities responding to this great health care discovery.

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I am 89 years of age and can attest to how effective this product is.

I practically no longer need to take any drugs except a small dose of thyroid support, my blood pressure was recently checked at 130/70 and I can now live a very active life.

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This is a wonderful product which increases the adult stem cells circulating in your blood stream and by the way it is quite affordable.

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Don't get bone marrow stem cells confused with embryonic stem cells which are causing a lot of controversy.

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