Blood cord stem cells.

Since blood cord stem cells have been discovered many people have been saving these cord cells and having them frozen in the hope they may be of value to the child in case of future illness.

Whilst there is no guarantee of the success of this procedure it seems some people are doing this in spite of its great expense.

Initially the cost is about $2000 followed by about $100 a year thereafter to keep them frozen.

However costs vary with different companies.

In spite of its cost it’s a bit like a lottery as there is no guarantee it will cure anything.

This is part of the ongoing process with stem cell research and I believe there will be greater discoveries which lie ahead of us.

As we move forward and discover more information about stem cells, saving and preserving blood cord stem cells will no longer be necessary.

Today stem cells is one of today’s most prolific areas of scientific research.

Already great progress has been made using a natural product found in a blue green algae which has been scientifically proven to be capable of releasing your own stem cells from your blood marrow into your blood stream.

This is already producing some amazing success stories and at minimal expense.

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I can personally certify as to its validity as I am rapidly approaching my 91st birthday and am remarkably fit for my age.

I have been using this product for about 2 years now and there is no way I shall stop using it.

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