Best antiaging products.

The best antiaging products would be to minimise our need for drugs!

I don’t know whether you are aware of this but drugs have never cured anything!!!.

All drugs can ever do is try and minimise our discomfort and hide the underlying problem or affliction.

It took me many years to realise this and I now know all drugs cause side effects. No drug is free from this and even one of the most common and safe drugs “aspirin” is reported to be causing side effects with long term use.

Frequently drugs are being used to overcome the results of a bad diet.

We have become addicted to carbohydrates as they are pleasant to eat, particularly sweet and sugary things.

These carbohydrates now form the major part of our modern diet and I am now seeing situations where children will only eat something if it is sweet.

This is a disaster in the making as the consequences of this is going to add another one of our population to those suffering from sugar diabetes.

Role on the profits of the drug companies as more and more insulin will be dispensed to try and overcome the malady of sugar diabetes.

Insulin will not cure this complaint but will suppress the underlying problem which was due to excess sugar in the diet in the first place.

Antiaging products would not be so interesting to us if we were in better health and were aware how much our diet has been affecting our health.

With the amount of sickness and the need to resort to drugs is making the best antiaging product a popular subject for a lot of people.

If you are like most mature age people, suffering from some unwanted health problem I suggest you try and minimise your sugar use and also follow up on what is now becoming a big breakthrough in health care.

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