Best Antiaging Product.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 91.

You want the best antiaging product?

No, unfortunately its not wine!

However, I might have some interesting suggestions for you.

I am closing in on my 92nd birthday and I believe I can offer you some useful information.

Yes, I am still fit and well with very little need for the use of medical drugs anymore.

To understand this, read on and join me in enjoying our upcoming years.

I wasn’t always fit and well I can assure you, having been discharged after 5 years in the Air Force as physically unfit.

Several years ago I started using a health care product which certainly helped me a great deal.

Then later I found another product which claimed to enhance the availability of my stem cells.

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Since using this stem cell support product my health has markedly improved.

I have now been using this supplement for over 2 years which has definitely improved my health and therefor I am now fit and well and enjoying my life.

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This seldom happens for people who have reached my age.

Stem cell research is now making effective progress and I believe this is going to have a major impact on our present system of health care.


The present system of having to depend on drugs is definitely a non optimum solution because using drugs unhappily always produces unwanted side effects.

ALL DRUGS ARE POISONOUS, the only thing that makes them safe to use is to limit the dose.

The average person does not realise this or appreciate that drugs should only be used when other methods fail to help.

This great discovery of stem cells has opened up new prospects for improving our health without having to resort to medical drugs.

No, this is not me.

This is me now at 91 !

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Then I can then reply to you and I hope answer your questions.

Good luck with your search for best antiaging product and I hope this has helped.

Eddie Mace.