Best anti aging treatment.

So you are looking for the best anti aging treatment?

I am not trying to be facetious, but the honest answer to this is find a way of improving your health WITHOUT USING MEDICAL DRUGS.

I am sorry to say medical drugs don’t actually cure anything!

They do have some function however, they try to minimise or hide whatever problem you may have in order to make you feel better.

Unfortunately there is a down side to this; the problem which we are trying to fix using medical drugs has a bad habit of producing some other unwanted side effects.

I have seen people taking 7 or 8 medical drugs each one trying to overcome the side effects being produced by some other drug which they are taking.

It’s sad to see this sort thing happening as using drugs is the usual procedure of our current medical Doctors.

I have also seen a person change their doctor who then cancelled all their prescriptions to reevaluate their case, in a very short time their problem improved immensely.

Trying to use medical drugs as anti aging treatments is not going to work.

I am well past 90 years old (or young) and have had to find out the hard way. I am now fit and well and use virtually no medical drugs.

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Come and join me and enjoy your future.

Eddie Mace.