Best anti aging product.

This can reduce the effects of aging.

The author. Eddie Mace. recent photo aged 91.

Best anti aging product is now available.

If you can retain your health your longevity will be guaranteed.

Unfortunately taking medical drugs or popping pills is not the answer to longevity.

People who live to a ripe old age don't depend on drugs for their longevity.

Drugs can sometimes help us feel better, however they only suppress or hide our problem with the hope we shall feel better.

No, this is definitely not me! (see the top of page)

I am now virtually free from the need of medical drugs.

I am almost 92 years old, I haven’t always been fit well .

For many years I helped keep the drugs companies profitable.

Now they will have to manage without my support. I am sure that won’t worry them but it sure makes me happy!

The best anti aging product came as the result of several years of investigation by a Canadian research scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc. Seen here.

Christian Drapeau MSc.

He has isolated a natural product from an aquatic plant with a long Latin name which is hard to pronounce, however it is called AFA for short.

This product is made from an aquatic plant growing in a lake  in Southern Oregon.

This AFA product has been so successful it has now been patented and is now available in several countries.

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There you will find a lot more information on this important subject about ADULT STEM CELLS which are an important key for anti aging.

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The importance of adult stem cells is now being recognised and gaining importance.

If you log onto the following page you can watch a short very interesting video about the Vatican's interest in stem cells.

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I hope this has been helpful.

Eddie Mace.