Arguments for stem cell research.

There are disagreements and also arguments for stem cell research.

We need to find a better solution for our health problems than what has been attempted with the use drugs.

Unfortunately whilst they are useful DRUGS DON’T CURE ANYTHING. It's been a useful answer but actually a poor solution to our health care problems

Drug advertising can also be very misleading. Only a very small proportion (about 6%) of drugs are supported by scientific validation or evidence to prove what they claim. It is hard to believe that so many drugs have so little evidence supporting their value.

Here is a British Medical Journal report.

“High amount of misinformation puts patient’s health at risk”.

Doctors rely on drug companies to inform them and advise what is best for their patients.

It is unbelievable that doctors depend on drug company salesmen to advise them on what to prescribe.

Is it any wonder that people turn to alternatives like vitamins to help them improve their health?

Even things like vitamins and minerals are now coming under attack by the drug industry as they try to get control of anything connected with health care.

However, the progress now being made with stem cell research is going to create a big challenge to the drug industry. There is a lot of progress now being made which will pose a threat to this unhealthy monopoly.

Have a look at this great discovery which is now patented and as you will see is available world wide.

See anti aging supplement

It's great to see some real progress which is already having a big impact on a lot of peoples health.

See success stories

These success stories are great arguments for stem cell research.

There is and has been an enormous amount of money being spent on stem cell research by big organisations and institutions whereas this scientist with minimal support has made a big breakthrough.

Consequently this great product is available at minimal expense. I am personally having great success using it and as you can see if you look at the success stories, so are many others.

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