Antiaging nutritional supplements.

Whilst Antiaging nutritional supplements are very important, it is also necessary to minimise those things that are adversely affecting your health.

Because of our liking for sweet things in particular we eat far too many carbohydrates and unfortunately neglect our protein needs.

This is also enforced by the cost of protein as things like meat and fish are becoming so much more expensive and our diets are now heavily dominated by carbohydrates.

Whilst we should be putting our attention on antiaging nutritional supplements, unfortunately as we get older our diets are unfortunately dominated by things we enjoy eating and sugary things are a major trap as we have all unfortunately become sweet tooths.

About a third of our foods are now sugars and I can assure you that this is causing our health to badly suffer.

Sugar diabetes is now reaching serious proportions.

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Anti aging supplement

If you are like me, as we get older some of us become interested in improving our health and we start to take an interest in things like anti aging.

One of our best hopes for extending our lifespan is by the great discoveries now being made with adult stem cell technology.

Stem cell technology is now making great progress and offers us prospects of greater health both now and as we get older.

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However, I can then get back to you personally and I hope answer any questions you may have.

To your success with your anti aging investigations. I am 91 years old, fit and am doing well. Come and join me!

Eddie Mace.