Antiaging herb.

Antiaging herb information.

This medicinal herb is bit different to normal medicinal herbs as it comes from an aquatic plant

However like all medicinal herbs it is a completely natural product.

The main difference here is that its natural habitat is water and comes from a lake in North America.

This is an amazing product which has now been refined in order to extract its important components.

This was the work of a dedicated scientist who spent many years trying to unravel why this herb was producing great results with some people.
Here on the left is the Canadian scientist who's interest and persistence resulted in this huge discovery.

The value of these Aquatic medicinal herbs had been known about for a number of years, however it remained a mystery for a long time until a Canadian research scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc, started investigating it and isolated the valuable health components which are at the core of its effectiveness.

The thing that caused him so much consternation was the fact that this product seemed to have such a widespread effectiveness against so many different body problems.

All sorts of people were reporting improvements from a whole variety of different health difficulties and at this time nobody knew why.

Then in about 2002 a big discovery was made concerning stem cells and this started to attract a lot of attention in scientific circles.

This set Christian Drapeau off on to a another major research project.

This eventually resulted in the discovery that this aquatic plant had the ability to release into the blood stream a large quantity of additional circulating stem cells.

With the new stem cell theory of renewal and the realisation that stem cells are our body’s automatic built in repair system against illness and various body problems, the impact of his discovery turned out to be enormous.

The product of his research has now been widely patented and is now available in 22 countries around the world with recognit6ion increasing rapidly.

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