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Anti aging is now attracting a lot more attention on the internet as computers are now common place even amongst our mature age citizens.

Persons like me, as I am 91 years old.

Additionally the prospects of living well and enjoying ourselves into a mature age is now becoming more attainable.

One of the major factors here is our increasing knowledge about stem cells as I have benefited enormously from this information.

There has been an unbelievable amount of money spent over the last 11 years trying to use EMBRIONIC STEM CELLS to achieve increased longevity. This unfortunately to date has failed to provide any progress for us in our endeavor to achieve greater longevity and an ongoing happy lifespan.

You can search any antiaging blog or any other material without finding any information on any successful use of embryonic stem cells.

However, in more recent time’s attention is now moving over to ADULT STEM CELLS where great progress is now occurring.

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Progress using these adult stem cells is now beginning to have a major impact on medical research and even the drug companies are now being forced to take notice.

Using these adult stem cells is going to have a huge impact on overcoming problems to improve our future health.

Great progress has already been made due to a discovery by a research scientist Christian Drapeau MSc. He has discovered a method of increasing the number of our own adult stem cells that are circulating in our blood stream.

We now know this is capable of allowing the body to improve its ability to repair itself from all sorts of troublesome disabilities.

(Science has now discovered Adult stem cells are the bodies method to overcome or repair any problems that arise which threatens its welfare)

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