Anti aging skincare treatment.

Here is some great information on a NEW Anti aging skincare treatment.

Wouldn't you like to have skin like hers? (No I don't know her), but isn't she beautiful? No, I cant guarantee you will have skin like hers.

However this is a revolutionary, all-natural serum -- unlike any other on the market. It revitalises your skin at the cellular level.

It actually uses your own adult stem cells to decrease wrinkles, increase moisture level retention and elasticity.

It is a renewal serum that is revolutionary. This anti aging skincare treatment has been called DERMASTEM.

This product contains absolutely NOTHING ARTIFICIAL. No chemicals, no drugs, no petroleum products. Absolutely nothing of a chemical nature!

It is all plant based and completely natural.

It is an emulsion of dozens of ingredients selected from different places around the world to fulfill a specific role in this anti aging skincare treatment.

By using sound-wave technology called SoniPureā„¢ and cold processing this preserves the very fabric of each of these plants with spectacular results and benefits.

The following early clinical tests have seen some dramatic results.


Decreased fine lines & coarse wrinkles reduced 10% and then 25% after 28 days.

Increased moisture retention----- 10% and 30%

Increased elasticity------ 3% and 10%

This is a fusion of natural oils that blends invisibly into the skin.

This product has only just become available as it has taken several years of research to develop it.

Here are some success stories which are now coming through after using this anti aging skincare treatment.

DAVID CLAYTON Byron Bay, Queensland Australia.

I have been on a boat and sailing in the sun for two weeks while using DermaStem.

I used it once daily and didn't think twice about it, except that it felt really nice on, especially after a day in the sun, but as I didn't use a mirror I didn't notice any change.

When I got off the boat I went to a yoga event in Noosa and for the first time saw my face in a mirror. WOW - such a difference - I looked younger and definitely had less wrinkles - How could this be so???

Then my girlfriend, whom I hadn't seen for 5 weeks, said - "Hey you look younger" . . . . Usually after that much time in the sun and salt I usually look more "seasoned" so I am pretty chuffed to be looking actually younger.---Cool!

Thank you Marita.

GLORIA CLAYTON, Western Australia.

As a qualified Beautician, I am thrilled with DermaStem. I can notice a big difference with my skin, and I am very happy.


My 29 year old says DermaStem is really great stuff. She tried it on in the evening as she & my 2 year old granddaughter were getting ready to leave.

When she arrived the next morning to drop off my granddaughter, I asked if she liked the product.

She loved it!. After only I application she woke up to a face that wasn't oily. I had no idea it would work so quickly on a 29 year old. She told me her oily skin greets her in the morning and goes to bed with her at night. It has been years since her skin wasn't oily. It's now soft to the touch.

We live in Oceanside CA. - they are at the beach or at the pool at least 6 x a week. There is hope for us with this product. She uses it 2 x a day.


By the end of the first bottle of DermaStem, I have definitely noticed quite a difference in the fine lines that were starting up around the lower parts of my eyes; also my skin tone has gone back to what it was like a good ten years ago. My skin feels softer and stronger and definitely better hydrated. I really love the smell of Dermastem and the way it. makes me feel.

The sunspot on my sister's cheek (originally the size of a 10 cent piece) has shrunk to the size of a 5 cent piece and faded a good 40 percent and she is just finishing her first bottle!!!

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However I can then get back to you personally and I hope be able to answer any questions you may have.

We are breaking new ground with this product and I shall be posting more information as it becomes available.

I have already received a stack of additional success stories. There are some very happy people out there who are using this great product.

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