Anti aging research.

The interest in anti aging research is now increasing as further discoveries are being made particularly with adult stem cells.

However the bottom line for this anti aging advice is all based upon ways of maintaining our health

If you can maintain your health your longevity is assured.

The question then becomes “how to maintain our health”?

I can assure you that using medical drugs are not the answer.

They are all counterproductive for your long term health.

Contrary to popular opinion THESE MEDICAL DRUGS DO NOT HEAL YOUR DIFFICULTIES. However they have their uses.

The best thing they can do is suppress your difficulty, make the SYMPTOMS disappear so you feel better.

However your symptoms are really a message that something is wrong and needs fixing.

Unfortunately the drugs themselves don’t fix it.

These medical drugs we take don’t really fix anything, they only hide the symptoms in an endeavor to make us feel better.

Do you know that all medical drugs are poisonous? They all must have an LD50 rating which basically means that is a safe level for their use and must not be exceeded.

Any research for better health would be based on reducing or minimising any need for drugs.

So how do we achieve that?

Any aging research should ultimately reveal ways to minimise our need for medical drugs.

Luckily for us great progress is now being made with anti aging discoveries using stem cell technology.

See Anti aging supplement.

Great progress is now being made using stem cell natural supplements and this can definitely reduce your need for drugs.

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Eddie Mace.