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The author. Eddie Mace. Recent photo, aged 92.

Anti aging products are now attracting attention.

Well it has for attracted interested me as I am now past my 92nd birthday.

When we were younger anti aging never seemed to interest us; now however, as we find our health and activities are starting to be affected by our age, we start to become more interested in our health.

We see enormous numbers of people now using things like vitamins in the hope of improving their health and reducing their age problems.

Vitamins can be generally useful, however a tremendous amount of new health care information is now becoming available if we are interested and care to look for it.

Things like minerals such as potassium and calcium, omega 3 and CoQ10 are now being recognised as diet essentials, particularly as we start having health problems and getting older.

One of the problems is the quality of our diet is unfortunately rapidly declining as shown here.

USDA Information.

According to the USDA.(United States Dietary Information). The loss of vitamins and minerals since 1975 are shown here:

This is older information on fruit and vegetables, unfortunately our food has further deteriorated extensively in more recent years.

Apples, Vitamin A is down 41%

Sweet Peppers, Vitamin C is down 31%

Watercress, Iron is down 88%

Broccoli, Calcium and Vitamin A are down 50%

Cauliflower, Vitamin C is down 45%; Vitamin B1 is down 48%; and Vitmain B2 is down 47%

Collards Greens, Vitamin A is down 45%; Potassium is down 60%; and Magnesium is down 85%.

The loss of magnesium is particularly interesting as it plays a huge part in our health.

These are all anti aging and if you wish to improve your life span I strongly advise you consider the importance of these anti aging vegetables.

More recently there has been a lot of attention now on stem cells as these cells have the potential to help us overcome many health issues.

Research in this area of stem cell information has been strewn with difficulties in spite of the enormous amount of money spent on research into EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS.

Stem Cells.

More recently a lot of attention has now been diverted to ADULT STEM CELLS where a lot of important discoveries are being made.

This is extremely fortunate as it does not involve the destruction of embryos which in the past had created a lot of stem cell controversy.

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I believe this area of research is going to have a pronounced effect on our future health and has tremendous prospects for our increased longevity.

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I can then get back to you and I hope answer any queries you may have about this new health care discovery.

Wishing you great success in your search for anti aging products.

I am now doing well and strongly recommend you investigate this stem cell product.

Eddie Mace.

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