Anti Aging Food.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent picture, aged 91.

You want to know about anti aging food?

I am sorry to inform you a lot the food we now eat does the very opposite and unfortunately contributes  to any decline in our health.

In our distant past we achieved the bulk of our foods as proteins from hunting.

The bulk of the food we now eat is unfortunately based heavily on carbohydrates which our body has first to convert into SUGAR before it can use it.


Sugar and weightloss.

On top of this, our sugar use which is a form of pure carbohydrates, is in itself is a major source of the epidemic problem we have of being overweight.

Our body was never intended to survive and prosper on our current food sources particularly things like sugar.

Until sugar was  found in the western world in the 16th century  the only source of real sweetness was honey and that wasn’t easily available.

A highly qualified professor at the University of California, Dr Robert Lustig, says sugar is a poison and wreaks havoc with our health.

This learned professor claims sugar is a poison!

The information on this page so far, has not told you about real aging food, however I hope it has informed you what is not good food.

I am 91 years old, am fit and well and I believe I  can tell you a few things that will assist you to maintain your health and also enjoy your latter years.

One of the greatest things that has helped me in recent times has resulted from the work of a Canadian health research investigator,

Christian Drapeau MSc.

He is a visionary voice for the use of stem cell technology.

He has found, isolated and patented a natural botanical product which has been scientifically proven to release a large number of our own stem cells into our blood stream.

People using this product are now having great success in improving their health and recovering from a whole range of medical problems.

If you are interested in this,

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This expands on the work of this healthcare investigator and I am sure this will help you to follow up on your anti aging food investigations.

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I hope this has helped you in your search for anti aging food information.

Eddie Mace.