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The author. Eddie Mace. Recent photo, aged 91.


In the past many people seemed to accept decaying health as normal as they grew older.

Unfortunately they often became complacent and the situation for them often is,

" There is not much fun left or any quality of life"

Many people are happily now beginning to realise they can have a positive effect on their lives and don’t give in to their difficulties and troubles so easily.

They can still achieve a great deal of satisfaction from life even as they reach a more mature age.

Many of our health problems come to some degree from our deteriorating food quality and the amount of prepared foods we now eat.

These unfortunately are loaded with undesirable garbage to make them more attractive like sugar.

Dr Robert Lustic who is a professor at the University of California has pointed out sugar acts as a toxic substance and wreaks havoc with your health.

He actually calls sugar a POISON

Important things like Omega 3 fatty acids which we used to normally receive from our diets are now unfortunately scarce commodities.

We used to get plenty of these Omega 3's from things like our meat supply, eggs were also a good source of these important things, but now due to cage farming, this food is now almost non-existent in eggs.

Our fish and salmon now come largely from farmed fish which sadly contains almost no Omega 3.

This is unfortunately only a couple of examples of the deteriorating quality of our present food supply.

These anti-aging ideas are now slowly attracting more attention and are now becoming better known.

Things like this, plus the large quantity of carbohydrates we now eat are also adversely affecting our lifespan and longevity.

Our fruit and vegetables are now grown to look good, but unfortunately also lack critical minerals like magnesium.

These fruit and vegetables generally grow very well without magnesium, so why should our farmers spend money adding it to fertilisers if their products grow well without it?

This is all bad news and I feel ashamed to be writing it.

This however will provide information which may help your lifespan. Read on there is some good news coming!!!

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