Anti aging care.

The author. Eddie Mace, aged 91.

Anti aging care generally refers to skin care treatments.

Aging care needs to reduce the effects of aging and also our general well-being because this also has a great effect on how we look.

If you feel well it will show up in your attitude, behavior and your demeanor.

You can do your best to hide your age with cosmetics or maybe a facelift, however the important thing is how you feel.

The best anti aging care is to feel well, whereas most of the attention has been on how we look.

We need to put more attention on how we feel.

Most of our appearance problems start to bother us more as we get older and we start buying special skin care products in the hope it will make us look younger.

There is a another solution. 

Our appearance is heavily affected by the way we feel.

If you feel well this will have a tremendous effect on how you look. If you feel well you will also look good!!! 

Feeling well.                  

Feeling well gets more difficult as we get older, however we now have a good answer.

Great progress is now being made using our own stem cells.

Stem cells.

These stem cells in our blood stream are used by our bodies to fight off illness and injury and these cells unfortunately heavily decrease as we get older.

The best anti aging care would be to increase the stem cells circulating in our blood stream.

Since this has been discovered there have been several methods to achieve this, often requiring hospitalisation and considerable expense.

Major breakthrough.

Now however, there has been a major breakthrough by a Canadian scientist.

See stem cell forum.

I can personally verify this major breakthrough using these adult stem cells.

I have my 92nd birthday rapidly approaching and am enjoying good health due to this stem cell breakthrough.

Here is an interesting report from a 60 year young lady who is using this major breakthrough in anti aging care who (like many others) is having great results using this stem cell product.


Success story report after 1 month on the stem cell product.

Within a few days David’s psoriasis was all but gone! This in itself was a great success story.

For many years we had spent a fortune on lotions and potions, all to no avail.

We have both had an astonishing lift in our energy levels.

Due to his damaged spinal cord, Graham has cynaesthesia, which causes him to spend a major part of his day lying on his bed in enormous pain.

He has to remain at a constant temperature, any change and his pain spikes up and becomes difficult to bear.

Well he is now leaving his room, sitting out in the courtyard and also going for walks, but the amazing thing is that for the first time in decades had pain free periods.

He had actually forgotten what that felt like to be pain free.

NOW FOR ME. Hip pain GONE, knee pain GONE, skin improved, but the most astonishing thing of all, that due to a thyroid problem, I had lost a lot of hair, IT’S COMING BACK!!! I can’t believe it.

This for me has been is a great success story. We discover new things every day, wonderful stuff.



This product has a money back guarantee

Great progress is now being made using our own stem cells.

For more information leave anti aging care go to BBI home page.

Alternatively contact me here.

Well done on your interest in anti aging care, we can still enjoy ourselves even as we get older.

Eddie Mace.