Anti ageing supplements.

Anti ageing supplements are attracting a lot of attention now that our population is successfully growing to an older age.

Are you one of our senior citizens? Congratulations, be proud of it.

There is not much enjoyment in still being alive when badly being restricted in our activities by declining health.

One of the big questions is, “how to still enjoy ourselves as we get older”?

The only real reason that can restrict us is because of our declining health. This can cause all sorts of difficulties and we can then become dependent on drugs.

This is a great shame because drugs are not a cure all.

However things like pain killers can help hide some of our difficulties, but don't become dependent on them. “They only hide our underlying problems”.

Unfortunately prescribing drugs has become an easy way out for our overworked medical profession.

Our life expectancy is increasing but the important question is--- are we still able to enjoy ourselves?

Dr’s today do not have the time to really investigate the under lying cause of our difficulties.

Anyway, the average person today is happy to place their health in the hands of a health practitioner who mainly resort to the use of drugs.

These people do help but ultimately you yourself are responsible for your health.

Things like anti ageing supplements are now attracting more interest and one of the important things is the new awareness as people are finding out about the alternatives to drugs.

The biggest hope is with the information which is now becoming available about the discovery of stem cells.

I am not referring to embryonic stem cells which unfortunately after having consumed least a trillion dollars expense, have achieved nothing of any practical value to help our health.

Although great efforts have been made with these embryonic stem cells, attention is now being directed in another direction


Great progress is now being achieved using adult stem cells, but although there has been some great success using these adult stem cells I am afraid the cost will be for most people be too expensive and beyond the average persons reach.

I am sure these adult stem cells will continue to produce more successes; however in the meantime here is some good news.

A Canadian scientist has made a very important discovery and you can find out about here,

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Adult stem cell research

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Good luck with your search for anti ageing supplements.

Eddie Mace.

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