Anti Ageing Herbs.

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These anti ageing herbs are a little different because they come from a water source and their botanical name is APHANIZOMOMENON FLOS-AQUAE.

This is now called AFA for short.

These herbs are different because they grow in a water source, from a huge lake in North America.

The amazing thing about this herb is that it is now scientifically proven to contain within its structure the ability to enhance the availability of stem cells in our bodies.

Stem cells are already the new road for medical research!

Earlier research on AFA often showed that it was sometimes capable of resolving various forms of adverse physical difficulties and problems.

This information had been known about for at least 30 years without anyone knowing why it worked.

AFA. Research.

Considerable success was achieved using this herb because it had the capability of often overcoming a wide range of physical or medical disabilities.

No one knew what was happening, however this attracted the attention of a curious medical scientist, Christian Drapeau MSc, who then set about isolating the component in the herb which was responsible for achieving these results.

In 1998 a very important discovery was made regarding stem cells which then lead to an enormous amount of research all over the world.

About 2007 this led this scientist to speculate that this herb AFA, could be increasing the availability of stem cells in our blood stream.

Christian Drapeae MSc.

His speculation was then investigated and amazingly proven to be correct.

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Stem Cells.

In recent times there has been a great deal more attention on stem cells as it is now realised that herein lies our greatest hopes for resolving the ever increasing medical problems which are now affecting a large proportion of our senior citizens.

Things like sugar diabetes and heart disease are now causing a huge amount of health problems. These illnesses have increased out of all proportion in more recent times.

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Good luck with your search for anti ageing herbs. This has to be the most important herb discovery in recent times.

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