Anti ageing advice.

Reduce the effects of ageing.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.

To answer anti ageing advice questions we need to look at ageing.

Ageing still occurs whether we like it or not.

That is very obvious, luckily for us it doesn’t happen overnight.

When we are fit and well we think we are going to live forever and don't want to even talk it.

Ageing happens to us whether we like it or not.

As it catches up with us we start to have various physical problems.

We don’t worry about things like anti ageing questions until at some point we start to realise we are starting to have some health problems.

Then of course we start to become interested in our health.

I am sure you don’t have to have reached my age (92) to be interested in reading this.

It's great to be free from the need of medical drugs

This information about one of the most recent areas of medical research is very promising and deals with the area of stem cells. 

I am now having great success using this new technology.

This research  indicates very clearly that stem cells play a major function in maintaining our health and longevity.

The information on this research indicates that starting around 30 years of age the availability of these stem cells in our body slowly decreases and at around 50 we start to slow down and unfortunately develop various body difficulties as our health deteriorates.

This stem cells research, today offers us tremendous opportunities for health improvement and already great progress is now being made.

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I am sure reading this page will answer some of your  ageing advice questions, however more information can be found here,

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Stem cells research already offers us tremendous opportunities to improve our health and will provide answers to our ageing advice questions.

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I hope this has answered some of your anti ageing advice questions.

Join me and enjoy future health.

Eddie Mace.