All natural anti aging.

If you are interested in all natural anti aging then I am sure you will find the following information about anti aging supplements of considerable interest.

Bone marrow is the source of several critical components in our blood. It produces white blood cells to protect us from infection, red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body, plus another list of other important functions.

However more recently we now know its a major source of what is now known as stem cells.

These are not EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS; these cells have been causing a lot of dispute, particularly in religious circles, but they are ADULT STEM CELLS which we now know play a tremendously important role in maintaining the health of our bodies.

Adult stem cells can be found in various body tissues such as the brain, pancreas, liver, blood, skin and other parts of the body. However it is believed that bone marrow is a major source of these adult stem cells.

We also now know that these adult stem cells are the bodies natural built in repair system and these cells are part of an all natural anti aging system which our body uses to carry out day to day repairs to maintain our health.

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As we get older the body's ability to provide these adult cells deteriorates and our health therefor begins to decline.

Food using natural anti aging supplements should be the best path to follow for our increased longevity. However due to the degree our food is now heavily affected and lacks important nutrients this is becoming more and more difficult.

However in the mean time, an important discovery has been made by a research scientist who after many years of research has discovered a natural product which can enormously increase the availability of our own stem cells.

This has resulted in some major improvements in a wide variety of health problems as we now know these stem cells are the body's own natural repair system as it tries to protect us from all kinds of health difficulties.


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