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How to reduce effects of aging.

The author. Eddie Mace recent picture aged 92.

Answers to Aging questions.

Now that a lot of mature aged citizens are becoming computer skilled we are seeing a  lot of questions being asked about aging and the subject of stem cells is now attracting a lot of attention.

In my opinion one of the most important things to know about aging is how to maintain our health and to remain fit as we get older.

The biggest problem most of us senior citizens have is declining health.

Think about it, if we could maintain our health, then generally speaking there would be no major problems in becoming older.

In fact there are many advantages in becoming older as we should have by then acquired some useful knowledge about life and living, provided of course that you can stay fit to enjoy it.

Recently one of the most important health discoveries for many years occurred with the discovery of stem cells.

In fact the discovery of stem cells may yet become one of the greatest health discoveries of all times.

This discovery only really happened about 15 years ago, however, it has been subject to a lot of disputes and arguments because of the attempts to utilise embryonic stem cells.

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Recently a major breakthrough occurred which enabled the use of ADULT STEM CELLS and since then great deal of health research progress is now happening.

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Arguments against stem cell research.

Now with this new stem cell therapy great progress is now occurring.

Questions about aging were seldom asked in the past because aging was just accepted as normal, however with this latest technology our own body can now help deal with a lot of its health problems.

There was a report from an American Congressman, Randy Forbes, who stated that 83 illnesses were benefitting from stem cells procedures.

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As I am 92, now fit and well, I believe I am qualified to suggest some answers to these important questions.

The above references should help to provide answers to some of your aging questions.

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Good luck with your search for anti aging answers.

Come join me and you too can enjoy a period of good or better health.

Eddie Mace.