Aging advice.

Reduce the effects of aging.

The author. Recent picture then aged aged 91.

          Aging advice is very easy to come by.

Many people will happily give you advice on many things, however how valuable or effective is it?

I remember when I was young being told “advice is cheap and very easy to come by”.

I don’t intend to offer you advice; however I hope to provide you with some valuable information which can extend your life span.

Do you want to enjoy being fit and well?

Age should not be a major barrier as I can attest.

I am 92 years of age and believe I can provide valuable information which will assist you to maintain your health and importantly extend your life span.

I spent many years of ill health having been discharged from the Air Force due to ill health in the world war.

One of the greatest reasons I am fit and well is due to my good fortune in discovering a stem cell product which I believe has provided valuable information which improved and extended my life.

See this page at stem cell forum.

This provides a lot of interesting information on some new aging discoveries and I suggest you read it; then return to this page where you will find more advice on aging


This stem cell forum page is part of a major project about stem cell miracles which you can find here.

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There you will find more information on stem cell miracles which has the capability of helping extend your life span.

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I shan’t be giving you advice or trying to sell you something, however I shall try and provide you with valuable information on keeping you healthy and extending your lifespan.

Good luck with your search for advice on aging  and a long healthy lifespan.

Eddie Mace.