Why are stem cells important?

The question is, why are stem cells important?

The answer is, because stem cells are the bodies primary method of repairing itself whenever any form of difficulty threatens it.

For example, if you inadvertently cut yourself; providing it’s not too serious, you can wash the wound, tape it up and wait for it to mend.

Why does it repair itself? The better question would be, HOW DOES IT REPAIR ITSELF?


If you didn’t support the wound with stem cells the wound would never repair!


The same thing applies to various illnesses.

A lot of success is now being achieved by removing stem cells from the patient, using a procedure to cause the cells to multiply themselves enormously, then reinjecting them back into the patient’s body.

Unfortunately as we get older our bodies are no longer able to supply the stem cells in sufficient quantity to maintain our health in good condition. We take longer to recover and in some cases don’t fully recover and then we have an ongoing illness.

There have been a number of successes using stem cell procedures, but in most cases the costs have been very high and for this reason I think the present methods in the long run don’t have a high level of usefulness.

However a very successful and much cheaper form of dealing with this problem was found by a Canadian scientist.

He discovered a natural product that has been scientifically proven to increase the of number of stem cells available in our own body to a remarkable degree.

This has proved to be very successful and has now been patented worldwide.

What this has achieved is the amazing release of stem cells into our blood stream resulting in some amazing health improvements for a great many people.

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