Vitamin D side effects.

EXCESS VITAMIN D SIDE EFFECTS ARE SELDOM HEARD OF, not because they don’t exist but we seldom receive enough of this vitamin to cause us any trouble.

The far more likely difficulty to occur is due to our shortage of this important vitamin.

We seldom supplement ourselves with this vitamin and rely on our bodies creating it via our sun exposure.

See vitamin D deficiency.

This might be OK if we lived in a tropical climate where we could wear minimal clothing and have adequately sun exposure.

Some of us know that are our bone health deteriorates very markedly when we lack this vitamin. By the way, this particularly effects the elderly which makes them very subject to broken bone problems.

However the bulk of us haven’t a clue about other problems which can accrue when we suffer from the shortage of vitamin D.

I don’t think we need to worry too much about the adverse side effects of too much vitamin D as the shortage of vitamin D is much more more likely to be occurring amongst our general population.

Some of us are aware that we need it for calcium absorption but it doesn’t stop there.It is now becoming recognised that the shortage of this vitamin is causing considerable health problems.

Quite a lot of information is now being discovered which suggests we can’t depend on our sun exposure alone and we need to supplement ourselves with this vitamin.

This particularly applies for calcium absorption and it also affects magnesium absorption likewise.

It’s great that the amount of stem cell information is now steadily developing and this promises great possibilities, however we cannot ignore the everyday essentials which are necessary for our body’s everyday health.

By the way, we are now having some great results from a stem cell discovery called “STEM ENHANCE”.

For information on this important discovery which by the way has now been patented

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However we cannot ignore our body’s essential needs like vitamin D if we wish to maintain our health.