The longevity diet.

The Longevity diet. I would prefer to see you on some other system to achieve longevity, because diets are hard to follow and most people soon get tired of them give up and that won't achieve your purpose.

I think I can speak with some authority as I shall be 90 next year and my solution to longevity is to locate ways to keep yourself fit and healthy and without taking drugs.

Drugs of any kind in the long run are bad news for our health. If you have to resort to them try and find out what is causing your difficulty as drugs don’t cure anything but only try to hide your underlying problem to make you feel better.

Believe it or not we now know your body is designed to repair its health problems by means of its own stem cells.

When we were younger your body could achieve this as it had an adequate supply of these cells, but as you get older, around 50 or so, our supply deteriorates and we start developing all sorts of difficulties.

There has been a major scientific breakthrough which has now been patented and which is capable of restoring the availability of these amazing stem cells which is now overcoming a whole range of physical illnesses. The secret is, our body by this means is now capable of its own self repair.

In my case, I belief I shall still be around for a few more years yet as I no longer need drugs and even my blood pressure now averages around 130/70.

To find out more on this great discovery I suggest you visit my home page where I have provided a wealth of information on this great subject.
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