Stem cells facts.

Stem cells facts can enable us to benefit and better understand the process of aging.

Each tissue and organ in our bodies has to renew itself over a different number of years.

Some diseases for instance are caused by the failure to properly replace or renew themselves, such as insulin producing cells in our pancreas to prevent diabetes or cells that fail to produce dopamine which results in Parkinson’s etc.

Up to date the major approach to anti-aging seems to be to reduce the rate of cellular loss by trying to minimise these losses by using things like antioxidants or similar methods.

However we now we have a new and better approach.

Understanding stem cells and the role they play in our well-being can enable us to maintain and support our future health and provide a great prospect for our mature age.

There has been a very important breakthrough in this area by the scientific discovery of Scientist Christian Drapeau, MSc who after several years of dedicated work has isolated a natural product which increases the body’s ability to increase the release these important stem cells into our blood stream.

This enables our body to carry out some amazing repairs because we now know that stem cells are our body’s own natural repair system.

If it could maintain an adequate supply of these cells we would seldom get sick and therefor prevent an decline in our body’s well-being.

This product is now patented and is becoming available in a number of countries.

In a few weeks I shall be 90 and have benefited enormously from using the product he has discovered and as a consequence of this am very active and in an extremely good shape for my age.

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