Stem cell treatments

More and more people are looking towards Stem cell treatments to resolve their medical problems.

There are two main reasons for this.

One. To try and find answers to difficulties that our current medical science cannot resolve.

Two. Due to the side effects that our current drug culture is creating, often the adverse effects of drugs is so bad people are stating that the side effects from drugs are often as bad or worse than the original complaint.

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See Adult stem cell therapy

If you are looking for answers to our modern health care crisis you could travel to places like China, where you can at great expense receive a form of cell therapy.

However closer to home there has been a far better and also cheaper breakthrough using our own adult stem cells.

To date all the attention has been on using embryonic stem cells which unfortunately have not achieved any of the anticipated success so many were hoping for.

Now however, adult cells are producing some remarkable successes. You can read about it here-

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