Stem cell technologies.

There are great hopes for stem cell technologies and therefore there has been an enormous amount of money spent on embryonic STEM CELL RESEARCH.

However the huge amounts being spent has not resulted in any practical technologies or successful healthcare breakthroughs unfortunately.

Better progress however is now being achieved using ADULT STEM CELLS and some success is now being achieved in this area.

However one of the big difficulties of this approach has been its cost. Unfortunately this has placed the use of these adult stem cell procedures outside the reach of most people.

To understand the importance of this research it is necessary to realise that our body’s prime method of repair for any form or type of difficulty it's experiencing is by using it's own inbuilt stem cells.


This is now a well-established medical fact and many of the latest medical procedures involve removing some of its stem cells, have them to multiply under external artificial conditions, then reintroduce them back into the body.

As stated previously, this is a very expensive and costly procedure but is providing some measure of success.

HOWEVER THERE HAS BEEN ANOTHER BREAKTHROUGH and this has so far not received a great deal of publicity.

This has been achieved by increasing the availability of our own stem cells while they are still in our body and this enables us to achieve some amazing results at little cost.

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