Stem cell research news.

Stem cell research news is an emerging field with great potential to create a paradigm shift in the world of medicine.

At long last there is chance we will now see a major change by addressing the cause of our illness rather than trying to hide the symptoms.

Drugs don’t cure anything and have only tried to make us feel more comfortable in spite of our underling illness.

Stem cells technology and stem cell research has the potential to even address some debilitating diseases that were previously considered untreatable.

More and more physicians are turning more and more to stem cell products to treat their patients.

Stem cells are even finding use in drug discoveries with new ideas in the area of drug development.

Because EMBRIONIC STEM CELLS have been involved in intense ethical debate and disagreement we are now seeing much more attention being paid to ADULT STEM CELLS.

When we consider both types of cells; the adult cells have far greater market potential.

The ethical and political issues which surround embryonic stem cells do not get entangled with the use of ADULT STEM CELLS.

The good news is that a research scientist has discovered a means of increasing our own stem cells without costly medical expenses. This has provides the body with an increased supply of these vital cells thus enabling the body to bring about some amazing self-generated repairs.

This discovery has eliminated the problems of rejection with embryonic stem cells and a whole host of other problems which has plagued stem cell research.

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