Stem cell research argument.

The stem cell research argument is mainly due to failure to appreciate the difference between EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS and ADULT STEM CELLS.

EMBRYONIC stem cells have to be acquired during the very early stages of pregnancy and require the destruction of the embrio. This is the stage after the fertilization of the egg before it develops into a fetus.

In simple terms, ADULT STEM CELLS are those cells which develop within the body and are essential for the body’s survival as they constitute the life force of the body itself.

No ADULT STEM CELLS--- dead body!

These ADULT STEM CELLS have been programed to perform specific functions within the body. You can’t just swap a liver cell over to become a stomach cell and this is the area where an enormous amount of research is now being done.

Currently a great deal of success is being achieved using ADULT STEM CELLS and this is the area we can look forward to in order to overcome our dependence on drugs.

There is considerable value in drugs and we should be very thankful for their development, however, we have become far to dependent on them.

CONTRARY TO POPULAR OPINION DRUGS THEMSELVES DO NOT CURE ANYTHING they only mask the underlying condition which remains unhandled.

A very promising development has occurred as the result of a Canadian MSc researcher who has isolated a natural product which frees up our own natural adult stem cells within our own body and this is achieving great success. This is not a drug but a natural product.

This product has been patented is reasonably affordable.

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