Stem cell debate.

This is now becoming a hot subject, stem cell debate has now even entered the area of religion.

I see the Pope is now throwing his weight behind adult stem cell research.

I don’t intend to get caught up in this debate but wish to bring a few facts to your attention.

Adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cells are at the centre of this debate but I am happy to say with the big breakthroughs now occurring with adult stem cells, there is now no need to be even venturing into the area of embryonic cells or cord blood stem cells or even stem cell storage.

Stem cell storage using umbilical cord stem cells will be found to be unnecessary.

There has been a large number of stem cell research companies with millions of dollars spent on embryonic cell research . However, stem cell research facts is now beginning to be recognised and move into a new area and there will be a shift in stem cell research funding.

There has, as already been stated , huge sums of money invested in things like fetal stem cells research and research in this area is not going to be given up lightly. However stem cell research funding is going to be moving over to adult stem cell research.

Believe it or not , the only area where any benefit has been derived thus far has been with adult cells. In spite of the huge sums of money spent on things like searching for stem cell cures with embryonic cells.

One of the areas showing great promise is natural product which releases your own adult stem cells into circulation which then allows your own body to correct all manner of physical difficulties.

If you wish to find more about this big breakthrough

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