Research funding.

If you think research funding for stem cell research is expensive,find out what the problems with disease is now costing us.

There are numerous diseases which are now getting out of control, diabetes for instance is reaching plaque proportions and numerous other complaints which were seldom heard of previously are consuming huge amounts of medical doctor’s time.

There has to be a reason for this and until such time as we discover what is going on in our food chain or what is occurring in our environment, then stem cell research offers us our best solution.

We need to speed up stem cell research. Great progress is already being made. Anything that can be done to speed it up should be classified as a major priority.

No one has suggested this form of research is going to be cheap or easy, but what are the alternatives?

There is no way any government can continue to build enough hospitals or health care facilities to meet this ever increasing demand. Health care represents a major part of all advanced western countries annual budgets.

Luckily stem cell cures are no longer a type of science fiction.

Nothing else offers anywhere near the same possibility to overcome our ongoing health problems.

However in the meantime there is one bright spot available to us if we wish to follow it up.

Due to the success of research by a Scientist, Christian Drapeau, we now have access to a wonderful natural product which enhances the availability of our own stem cells. This enables our body to bring about some amazing repairs to a wide ranging list of body hassles.

(It is now known that stem cells are the bodies inbuilt repair mechanism to overcome all sorts bodily problems or difficulties)

The above is a great achievement and is so successful it has now been patented.

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