Pluripotency is a term which is now assuming considerable importance in stem cell research.

It refers to the ability of a stem cell to become any stem cell in the body.

This has become a major target as it bypasses the need to destroy foetuses in order to acquire embryonic stem cells.

The current test for these stemcells is known as a teratoma assay; it can take up to 2 months, is not very accurate and is very costly.

These are just some of the problems associated with stem cell research and why there are long delays in bringing successful stem cell research to the public arena.

However a successful procedure has now occurred and this has resulted in a patented product which increases the supply of our own stem cells. This is without the costly removal and replacement technology now being used.

This bypasses a whole battery of difficulties which are causing great problems amongst those working on stem cell research.

Luckily this product is not expensive. For more information on this, Email me here, and I shall happily forward this information without any commitment whatsoever.

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