Longevity insurance

One of the cheapest ways of obtaining longevity insurance is increasing the supply of your own stem cells.

Your adult stem cells are the building blocks of anti-ageing and health.

One of the reason we get older, is because around 30 years of age our supply of these stem cells which the body requires for our health and body repair, begins to slowly decline and so does our health.

In the past this was a fact of life and there was nothing we could do about it.

However, as a result of many years of work by an investigative scientist, Christian Drapeau , we now have a fantastic solution to the problem of ageing.

I shall be 90 years old next year. Am fit and very healthy for my age. I take no drugs not even blood pressure medication ( checked a few days ago at 130/65) and am still enjoying an active life style largely due to the benefits of his great discovery.

If this interests you, I suggest you visit my home page at Stem cell miracles.

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There you will find a lot of information based upon this man's great work which will definitely add to your longevity prospects.

To your future long life and health, as without health you have no real future.

Eddie Mace. 2010