Longevity health

Longevity health does not need to include deprivation of the good things in life.

If you are going to reduce or limit life’s pleasures and constantly worry about nutrition and what you should or shouldn't eat then what is the value of living anyway?.

I am 90 years old next year and live a very full and active life and so can you. You don’t have to deprive yourself, however there are a few things we need to know and apply.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Don't drink EXCESS alcohol.

Reduce the sugar in your diet, sugar is bad news.

Remain active, get some exercise. No you don’t have to work out in a gym unless you want to.

Find an interesting activity of some sort and keep yourself occupied. The key word here is INTERESTING. If you can’t find something interesting you will soon become bored and I can assure you that will not lead to your longevity.

If you are not aware of the adverse effects of TRANS FATS, I suggest you go to Google and bring yourself up to speed on this important subject.

Also find out about fructose and its harmful effects on our health. (No, I am not saying don’t eat fruit). Find out why I am saying this, Google will help.

Go to my home page and find out about the great breakthrough which has been made about adult stem cells.

Find out how you can take advantage of this great discovery about these cells and your future health.

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Join me and enjoy a happy and successful future.