Human physiology.

Human physiology determines how the body maintains itself in a normal state.

A major factor in this is achieved by stem cells. In fact stem cells constitute the natural repair system of the body. When the body runs into any injury or any other physical difficulty stem cells are released from the bone marrow and home in on the area of difficulty.

Therefore we see today an immense amount of money being spent on stem cell research as this provides our best hope of improving our health and well-being without the use of drugs.

Drugs, we now know don’t actually cure anything but are a means of alleviating symptoms, unfortunately often with serious and undesirable side effects.

Great hope was held for embryonic stem cells but after huge amounts of money and an immense effort no successful use of these cells has so far been achieved.

Adult stem cells however have been far more successful and there have been a number of successes using these cells.

One of the major difficulties up to date has been the cost of these procedures putting them outside the reach of most people.

However there has been a big success by a research scientist who has found a way of increasing the supply of adult stem cells from our body and this is producing some amazing health improvements.

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