Golden years.

The length and happiness of your golden years will depend on your health.

Luckily this is an area over which we can have a fair degree of control.

A major factor is our diet and one of the important things which is now being revealed to us is the effect of our sugar consumption.

This particularly applies to the elevated level of fructose of which our modern diet is now unfortunately heavily composed.

Did you know about a third of our calories now come from some form of sugar of which fructose is the worst?

One of the troubles with fructose is it encourages us to keep on eating. There is normally a component in our food which tells us when we have had enough to eat, but this does not occur with fructose, resulting in obesity as well as a mountain of other troubles like diabetes.

Do you know the associated illnesses and difficulties the long term effect diabetes creates?

Fructose creates the sugar taste in fruit. No, it’s not the normal sugar we use which is sucrose, it is different and has a far greater adverse effect on our body..

No, it’s not the amount of fruit we eat either which causes us trouble.

Science has now found the way to artificially make fructose with corn flour (from maize). They can now create the same level of sweetness from maize at half the cost of sugar.

Our modern food chain is loaded with various forms of sugar, of which fructose is the most plentiful and most dangerous to your health.

So you want to know how our golden years are going to be affected by this?

We should be able to enjoy our latter years and enjoy them but this is not going to happen if our lives are controlled by illness of which our sugar consumption is a major factor.

I am 90 years old, am still very fit and have lived long enough to have discovered a few things about longevity and also those things that can destroy it.

If you wish to enjoy your golden years, there are a few things you need to know.

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To your future health. Eddie mace.