Facts on stem cell research.

If you need some facts on stem cell research. Read on.

No matter what medicine, antibiotics or other attempts we may use to improve our health or overcome medical difficulties, eventually it is the body itself that has to repair itself.

All the above may assist and contribute, but all they are doing is assisting the body to carry out its drive towards its survival, it is the body that has to eventually do it, all we can do is try and assist it.

One of the best things we can do to assist the body's survival drive is to increase the availability of its own stem cells. We now know these stem cells are the body’s own natural and most potent repair mechanism.

Many complex and expensive methods of providing stem cells to assist the body in its task are being developed but in my opinion the most effective and cheapest method has been to improve the body’s own ability to increase its supply of healing stem cells. We now have the work of world renowned scientist Christian Drapeau, who has made a major scientific development with marine biology and produced a patented product which been scientifically proven to increase the supply of adult stem cells thereby increasing the body’s ability to repair itself.

This is a ground breaking discovery which I am sure will have a huge impact on our future health care system.

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