Facts about stem cell research,

Facts about stem cell research are hard to come by because research is generally done behind closed doors and subject to strict secrecy.

However there are some interesting facts now appearing in the public arena.

Over the last ten or twelve years there has been millions of dollars invested in what was thought to be an area of great promise and high expectations.

There was promise of solutions to all sorts of common illnesses like diabetes,and heart disease etc.

By far the greatest investment had been on embryonic stem cell research with little attention being directed elsewhere.

Up to date all this has proved is that embryonic stem cells are almost impossible to control and that they will multiply endlessly often becoming tumours which causes huge problems.

This unfortunately is embryonic stem cells natural characteristic.

On the other hand, when trying to work with adult stem cells under laboratory conditions, proved extremely difficult and was for a long time abandoned.

Now however, a new approach is being made.

Working with these adult cells whilst they are still in the body has opened up great new opportunities and is revealing a whole new area of hope and discovery.

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For instance, there has been a remarkable biotechnology discovery using an aquatic natural food source which increases the bodies stem cell resources and amazingly restores the body’s ability to repair itself of all sorts of difficulties.

This wonderful product has been patented and because it is not a drug, it is not attracting the same attention from the media the drug companies get when they announce a new drug.

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