Diabetes control.

Diabetes control is an ongoing problem for many people.

It can get so bad; some people get so disillusioned as it interferes so much in their lifes pleasures.

Many years ago before the discovery of insulin this situation was virtually uncontrollable but the interesting thing is that the number of people with diabetes was then quite minimal and people never heard about it very often.

Now however, this complaint is very common and I have heard it said that it has reached plaque proportions.

We now have two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. The only recognised solution, particularly for type 1 diabetes is insulin injections on a daily basis.

However some people have succeeded in achieving miraculous results using a Natural stem cell therapy.

Diabetes control is very difficult to achieve but I now have several success stories from people using a form of natural stem cell therapy like this in the following example.

“I am 68 years old and have had uncontrollable diabetes. Fifty units of insulin 3 times a day could not keep my blood sugar levels normal. It would soar to over 300 and the insulin could only bring it down to the mid’ 200 range.

I developed high blood pressure and was losing my sight from my unstable blood sugar.

After 10 days on the stem cell nutrition I was able to get my blood sugar down to 150 to 160.

After 6 weeks I could get my blood sugar down to 120 to 140 with less than 30 units of insulin.

Within 8 weeks I didn’t need to take insulin any more!”

This success story continues about further health improvements and then ends off as follows.

“Stem cell nutrition has revolutionised my life. I feel as if I have been reborn.”

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