Cells are the beginning of our human form or existance.

Think about it, we all begin our existence as a form of a primal nucleus.

As we develop, we finish up with about 200 hundred types of these basic organisms and of which our body is eventually constituted.

Greater understanding and progress is now being developed by increasing our understanding of this fundamental of life itself.

However in the past the bulk of the major research has been carried out on the embryonic stemcells, where a vast amount of money has been spent which in terms of their usability, has been to no avail.

Now however a great deal of research is now being directed to the adult form of this stemcell research where considerable progress is now being made.

The development of this understanding is promising to produce enormous advantages and benefits for our health and medical science.

There is already promise of huge changes in the treatment of things like Parkinson’ Disease and Alzheimer’s plus many others.

The US congress is continuously being pressed with requests from people who are suffering from problems with diseases that are not responding to currently available treatment in the hope that stemcells technology may solve their difficulty.

In the meantime, after several years of research an investigative scientist has succeeded in isolating a natural product which increases the release of our own stemcells into our blood stream and which is enabling some remarkable improvements in a whole range of debilitating conditions.

This product has now been found to be so successful, it has been patented and is now becoming available in several countries.

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