Cell biology.

Cell biology is now attracting more and more interest as it our greatest hope for overcoming our health care problems.

Things like Alzheimer’s and other health difficulties that we have not been able to beat in spite of our current medical skills.

With the great progress now being made with stem cell research we are knocking on the door of major health care discoveries.

During the past ten years huge sums of money have been spent on embryonic stem cell research with many disappointments, however attention is now moving towards adult stem cell research which is now offering great possibilities.

The trouble with embryonic stem cells comes about because these cells take off and grow wildly and unconstrained. Their growth can become uncontrollable and we have an effect like a cancer.

One of the great prospects is the use of the patients own adult stem cells because we can therefor avoid another big difficulty.

Using stem cells which do not come from the patients own body can create a rejection problem. When we can use the recipients own cells we don’t have this difficult rejection situation.

However unfortunately there is another difficulty; that is the high cost of utilising these expensive cell biology procedures as many people will find they will be far too expensive and out of their reach.

This approach requires expensive hospital treatment and this unfortunately continues to steadily increase, even in countries where free hospital treatment is government provided it is reaching a stage when the nation cannot afford this cost.

Now however on the bright side; THERE HAS BEEN A MAJOR DISCOVERY WHICH IS AVAILABLE AT A MODERATE COST and this increases the ability to release stem cells into our blood stream from our own bone marrow.

It is now known that our stem cells are our bodies automatic method of repair and this procedure is resulting in some amazing improvements in a whole range of non-optimum physical conditions.

When you have a non optimum body condition our body tries to send stem cells to the area of difficulty to carry out repairs.

As we get older our body cannot release the necessary cells to achieve and effect the necessary repair.

However there is a product which is currently reasonably cheap and should be within the means of most people. This product increases the supply of your own stem cells by up to 30%.
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Please note that it is the body that carries out the repair, all you have to do is arrange to provide the adult stem cells the body needs to carry out its own repair as this is a natural inbuilt function of these wonderful stem cells.

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