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Understanding stem cells can provide us with better health.

There is now a lot of interest in the progress being made with stem cells research, particularly since these achievements are now being made using adult stem cells as opposed to embryonic stem cells.

Attempts to use embryonic cells in the past created a lot of disagreements and upsets because this required the destruction of embryos. These cells had to be derived from abandoned human pregnancies and this often required abortions, the idea of which caused a lot of controversy.

Although attempts had been made in the past to use adult stem cells, this had proved fruitless due to the way researchers were trying to use them.

Now however, because a different approach is being made, considerable progress is currently being achieved using these adult stem cells.

A report was recently made by an American Government Senator that there have been as many as 73 illnesses which have responded to work with these adult cells.

This is only the beginning and we can look forward to ongoing progress as this area of research is now being followed by a large number of research teams from universities and other institutions all round the world.

As you, like me are interested in our better health, I think you may be interested in the following information.

A very promising health care discovery has been made by Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau. MSc.

This scientist after several years of research has successfully isolated a natural aquatic plant product which when utilised releases into the blood stream copious quantities of stem cells thus enabling the body to carry out an amazing amount of its own repairs.

I am 90 years old and am doing fine thanks to my interest in caring about my health and also as a result of using this product.

It’s important to understand that stem cells are the body’s own system of maintenance and repair. Our body and uses these stem cells to enable it to carry out this critical function.

The above product has now been patented in many countries and is becoming available at quite a moderate cost.

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