Antiaging medicines.

Antiaging medicines are often attempts now being made to overcome some things like our past bad habits and inappropriate diets.

Unfortunately our past bad diets are now manifesting themselves in things like diabetes, heart problems, obesity, all of which are now taking their toll of our life span.

It’s a bit like mending the fence after the horse has gone.

We wouldn’t need these medicines if we had been more aware of the things which had caused our health to decline and caused us to develop things like sugar diabetes.

There has been a very informative article on the cause of diabetes by Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at the university of California.

Professor Lustig emphasizes that sugar is in fact a poison and causes diabetes which itself can play a major part in our attempts to improve our health. It also causes things like our having to depend on medicines that would not otherwise be so necessary.

I can verify that his approach to health is very valid as I am over 90 years old and no longer require much in the way of any medical drugs.

My advice is, minimise your sugar, increase your protein consumption, and reduce your dependence on carbohydrates.

Unfortunately our body has to convert carbohydrates into sugar before it can use them.

A tremendous amount of our modern illnesses are brought about by the excessive amounts of carbohydrates and particularly the sugars we now consume.

Controlling these carbohydrates is the best form of antiaging you will ever find.

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Leave antiaging medicines go to stem cell miracles.

Stem cells have tremendous potential to improve our health and extend our life span without having to depend on antiaging medicines.

The truth is medical drugs although they are sometimes necessary to help us overcome some form of malady they all produce some form of side effect and should be avoided wherever possible.

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